Our Proposition

To provide understandable and easy to read monthly and annual financial information to schools throughout the Wellington area on a timely and cost effective basis.

To provide financial guidance and budgeting advice through regular interaction with school Board of Trustees, Principal and administration teams.

Our key aims

To provide timely and understandable management reports, within a few days of month-end.

To provide full accrual accounting reporting, rather than providing distorted reports due to large expenditure items not being accrued for.

To work with management to ensure large budget variances are monitored, understood and addressed when required.

To reduce administration team work loads and help to improve their skill sets.

To provide internal controls with regards to expenditure administration through the school controlling creditor payments and having the principal sign-off.

To provide support and input with regards to operational budgets, 5YP plans and 10 year building maintenance plans.