Newlands Intermediate School
9 November 2009

To whom it may concern We transitioned from our previous accounting services provider to Ben Duflou and the team at All Accounted For Ltd on 1 September 2008.

The Board of Trustees felt the previous accounting services and reports provided were difficult to understand, lacked clarity and failed to meet their requirements. The Board was however reluctant to undertake a change due to concerns regarding potential additional administration workload and additional costs, and the implementation of a new accounting package.

Ben arranged for the hand over from the previous accounting services provider and setup the new accounting system (Xero), while creating no additional workload for the administration team or costs to the School. As a result of the change, the School has actually reduced costs.

The information provided through the new monthly reports is easy for the Board to understand and the commentaries provide further information on and highlight key areas. As a result the Board believes the School has much stronger reporting and greatly improved controls.

The administration team have welcomed the move to Ben and his team, commenting there has been no additional workload for them, an improvement in processes, have learnt new skills and found the communication more responsive.

Ben and his team have provided valuable input into the Schools budgeting process and undertaken reviews of other internal controls. Ben and his team were also essential in managing the year-end audit process and helping to ensure we delivered our financial statements within the MoE timeframes.

We have no hesitation in recommending Ben and the team to fellow schools looking to improve and provide understandable financial reporting.

Brendon Henderson


Newlands Intermediate School

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